Ride Home Policy

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that for your safety, Diagnostic Endoscopy Center has a “Ride Home Policy." It is imperative that you read and understand this policy prior to your procedure.

The “Ride Home Policy” reads as follows:

“Patients should be accompanied home by a responsible adult known to the patient. Taxi and bus drivers are not considered responsible adults known to the patient. Taxis may be taken only if another adult, other than the driver, accompanies the patient.

Acceptable alternatives when the patient has no adult person available to drive them home are limousine services and transportation services such as Senior Services of Stamford, FISH of Stamford, Geri-Care Connection, TAG, Red Cross, Dispatch-A-Ride, Gallivant, Dial-A-Ride and GetAbout of New Canaan.”

For your reference, a copy of the “Ride Home Policy” is on the inside pocket of your new patient folder.